15th International ISRM Congress 2023
    & 72nd Geomechanics Colloquium

    Challenges in Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
    October 09th - 14th, 2023

    Rock Bowl 2023 - powered by GEOBRUGG

    ROCK BOWL 2023

    The Rock Bowl competition at the ISRM congress in Salzburg will be performed in two rounds.


    In the first round, scheduled for the lunch break on Wednesday, the ten best teams will qualify for the second round, which is scheduled for the lunch break on Thursday. The best three teams of the second round will compete in the final round for the winning trophy. Second and third place will also get a small award. The award ceremony will be held at the festive evening.


    The following teams will compete in the Rock Bowl Challenge:

    ¿Qué es el Rock Bowl Quiz?

    La competición estudiantil Rockbowl fue creada por el Grupo Nacional Brasileño de ISRM (CBMR) para involucrar a los estudiantes en la comunidad de la mecánica de rocas e inspirarles a seguir una carrera en este campo. El formato original del juego es una competición por eliminatorias a base de podios, en la que tanto los equipos como el público pueden poner a prueba sus conocimientos en diferentes áreas de la mecánica de rocas. La primera edición nacional en Brasil tuvo lugar en 2014 durante el Simposio Brasileño de Mecánica de Rocas. Tras su abrumador éxito, el grupo nacional brasileño fue invitado a acoger el primer RockBowl internacional en el 13º Congreso ISRM en Montreal, California, con la participación de seis equipos de cinco países. El RockBowl se estableció rápidamente como el principal evento estudiantil en Brasil, atrayendo constantemente a grandes audiencias en los simposios nacionales de 2014, 2016, 2018 y 2022. El impulso continuó en 2019 con la segunda edición internacional en el 14º Congreso ISRM, con la participación de 18 equipos de nueve países

    My mine

    Oleg Vilchik

    Florian Aelfers

    Nurkhair Teleu

    Spanish Rock Mechanics

    Sociedad Española de Mecánica de Rocas (ISRM Spanish NG)

    Cecilia B. Lawkowski

    Abdelmadjid Benrabah

    Lucía Conde Fernández

    Rock Blasters

    Colorado School of Mines

    Doandy Yonathan Wibisono

    Isabella West

    Akash Chaurasia

    The Hard Rock


    Mahmoud Desouky


    Manuel Bode

    Markus Kinsele

    Daniel Ritter

    Rock Candy

    Montanuniversität Leoben

    Michel Jakić

    Karin Ungerer

    Daniel Schneider

    UNSW ROCKstars

    University of New South Wales

    Zizhuo Xiang

    Min Gao


    The University of New South Wales (UNSW)

    Yuehan Wang

    Xin Zhang

    Xu Li

    Usain RockBolt

    Università di Roma "La Sapienza"

    Lorenzo Batocchioni

    Edoardo Lusini

    Chiara Spaggiari


    University of New South Wales

    Kunze Li

    Xu Zhu

    The Geobolts

    University of Cape Town

    Victoria Upindi

    Shade Muluti

    Kgosietsile Katamelo

    Team MDL

    Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

    Rabin Kumar Samal

    Abhishek Mohapatra

    Teresa Des De Mona Gangavarapu

    Charlie's Angels

    Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

    Jessica Ka Yi Chiu

    Tek Bahadur Katuwal

    Rock Engineers

    Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

    Bikash Chaudhary

    Sailesh Adhikari


    Technische Universität München

    Gabriel Lehmann

    Justin Mattheis

    Catharina Drexl



    Mateus Zanini Broetto

    Camila Broetto Milli

    Daniel Santos De Santana

    iziKhulu (worriors)

    University of the Witwatersrand

    Nkhangweni Trinity Ratshitaka

    Quinton Nankua

    Timulekani Sammy Mlondobodzi


    Queen's University

    Fedilberto J Gonzalez

    Caitlin Fischer

    Emelie Gagnon

    Mysterious Mountains

    Sai Srujan Kumar Chalavadi 

    Lal Hruaikima

    Som Nath

    SANIRE (Rockstars)

    University of the Witwatersrand 

    Katlego Mathibe

    Cindy Mabala

    Thato Mashaba

    What is the Rock Bowl Challenge 2023

    It is an event designed for young engineers & next generation leaders in the field of rock mechanics, in which teams of maximum three compete in an international Q&A competition. A maximum of 20 teams will qualify to participate in the main tournament which is going to form an integral part of the 15th International ISRM Congress 2023 taking place from October, 9-14th 2023 in Salzburg/Austria.

    Who can participate

    Team members cannot be more than 35 years old (criterion: born 1988 and younger).

    How to participate & qualify

    The registration form is available online in the Rock Bowl Challenge 2023 section of the www.isrm2023.com webpage. If more than 15 teams register, a qualification round will be organized as online Q&A quiz, embedded in a virtual meeting where each team will have to answer 15 multiple choice questions using a joint device (smartphone or laptop). For this purpose, we will use the Audience Response System “Slido” whereas not only the correctness of the answers but also speed of the response will be taken into account. The 15 best ranked teams qualify for the final round, and join the South African winning team from the previous Rockbowl Challenge 2019.

    Although the final round will be an in-person event, the Audience Response System “Slido” will be used also for this final round.

    English is the only language for communication and Q&A Sessions.


    After the registration period, the organizing committee of the Rock Bowl Challenge 2023 will contact participating teams by e-mail.


    There is no cost to participate in the Rock Bowl Challenge 2023 qualification round.

    The qualified teams of the Rock Bowl Challenge 2023 are exclusively sponsored  by Geobrugg, covering registration fees for the 15th International ISRM Congress 2023 and accommodation during the congress. The participants are responsible for costs associated with travel to and from the venue.

    Important Dates

    • Team registration from Januray, 15th – April, 15th 2023
    • Dissemination of information regarding the qualification round until May, 10th 2023
    • Online qualification event in May/June 2023
    • In-presence final event from October, 11-12th 2023


    The registration deadline has already passed!