15th International ISRM Congress 2023
    & 72nd Geomechanics Colloquium

    Challenges in Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
    October 09th - 14th, 2023


    We cordially invite you to submit your full paper(s) to your accepted abstract(s) until 28th of February, 2023. The full paper submission option will go online mid/end of December, 2022. Click on the following button to access the online submission platform

    Instructions oral presentations

    Instructions poster presentation

    Consider following prior to submission:


    • You can submit a full paper only in case your submitted abstract has been accepted.
    • Consider the remarks by the reviewers and chairpersons on your submitted abstract (if any). You can read them in the online submission platform.
    • In case your contribution has been shifted to another session upon request by the reviewers or chairpersons (will be announced mid of December), consider the new session topic when preparing the full paper. A shift may be also requested after the full paper review. If so, we will inform you accordingly.
    • Use the MS Word template to write your full paper: [red button below]. Read the instructions given in the template carefully and follow them. If your submitted document does not comply with the template specifications, we will return the document for revision. The full paper is limited to 6 pages. The maximum length of the abstract is 150 words. Language is English.
    • For contribution indexing (Congress app, proceedings etc.), when submitting the full paper, amongst uploading the filled MS Word document, you also need to enter the names and affiliation of the authors, the title of your contribution, keywords (min. 4, max. 6), and the abstract into the forms of the online submission platform. Please read the instructions on the submission platform. The information you enter into the system will be directly used. Thus, be careful when entering the information and check for mistakes before submitting. The same rules apply for the online forms as for the fields in the MS Word document (e.g., do not cite titles like Prof. or Dr). Regarding the affiliation, only cite the institution (e.g., company or university name) but not the department.
    • Accepting your abstract does not automatically result in acceptance of your submitted paper. Decisions upon acceptance of the full papers and requests for revision will be published mid of April, 2023. In case your contribution is accepted, you will be asked to revise and finalize your full paper until mid of June, 2023.
    • In case you’ve highlighted your abstract that it can be considered for the Early Career Forum (Young Researchers), when receiving a positive full paper review, the ISRM 2023 committee will decide whether to shift your contribution to the session for the Young Researchers.
    • When submitting your full paper, you must
      • agree to the publication agreement [grey button below];
      • decide whether you prefer an oral presentation or “poster only”;
      • declare whether you or one of your co-authors (if any) are willing to participate at the congress in Salzburg, Austria, in October 2023;
      • confirm that – in case of a positive declaration (cf. previous list item) – you or one of your co-authors (if any) will register for the congress within the early-bird registration period (ending on June 30th, 2023).
    • You can edit your contact details (user account) and your paper submission(s) until the paper submission deadline. After that moment, and in case you finalize your submission(s) before the deadline, modifications are no longer possible and the submission(s) will be forwarded to the reviewers.
    • At the online submission platform, the session timeout is 3 hours. The session timeout is the time that might pass between two actions (page calls). If you do not make any actions within 3 hours, you’re logged out automatically. Unsaved inputs are then lost.
    • If you have problems or questions relating to the submission, email submission@isrm2023.com.
    • All important deadlines are listed here.

    MS Word template

    Publication Agreement